Mother-Daughter Trip to San Francisco

IMG_1166May is the month of Mother’s Day, and truthfully I could not devote only one day to the woman that has shaped me into who I am today and everything I hope to be. When I was looking for the perfect destination for a mother-daughter getaway, I immediately thought of San Francisco. I love how the urban city meets the bay, and the eclectic aura it exudes. From the Golden Gate bridge to Alcatraz, we made our way around the beautiful city. We also had a chance to escape into nature and visit Muir Woods and visited Napa Valley and Sonoma for some wine tasting, because wine not? Continue reading


My heart is in Havana

IMG_3536They say that no matter how far you travel, you always go back to your roots. After 16 years, I returned to my birthplace. A place where I left a part of me, and the early years of my childhood. For many, Cuba has become the enigma of the Caribbean. The island where time has stopped, where many are attracted by the 1950’s Chevrolets, Cuban cigars, rum, and salsa dancing. For me, it is much more than that, a feeling difficult to describe because it is intertwined with bliss and pain. Bliss because it is the place where many of the people I love live, and pain because I have seen their struggle. Continue reading

Cinque Terre: 5 Lands of Love


By the mountains of the Italian Riviera, lays the Unesco World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre. The name means five lands, which are the five small fishing villages that make you believe in love at first sight. The secluded area is not easy to travel by car, and most people arrive by train. However, stepping foot into Cinque Terre makes you travel back in time. The architecture, narrow streets, seafood and pesto pasta, captivated my heart since the beginning. Continue reading

Confessions of a nomad soul

IMG_0048I must confess that I was once scared of falling for the dulled feeling of routine and living somewhere for too long. I guess that’s why I felt like I constantly had to get away. I just didn’t want to feel stuck in life, I always want to evolve and grow, and to me that meant traveling. However, I am slowly learning that you can find peace and happiness in the small moments of everyday life. When miles and oceans separate me from home, I realize that home is in the hearts of the people I care about. Continue reading

Berlin: Poor but Sexy

IMG_9200There is no doubt that Berlin is an eclectic city and it’s the melting pot of Germany. Beside it’s rich history which is present in every corner of the city, there is a modern flair of multicultural street art and music that brings the city to life. Because it is so affordable compared to other cities in Germany, many students and artists have made Berlin their home. The locals call the city “poor but sexy.” Continue reading

Germany: Inside a Concentration Camp


When I was in 7th grade my social studies teacher, Mr. Leal, taught my class about a subject that would open a window to a side of the world that I did not know. The Holocaust served to me as an introduction of the terror and hate people are capable of doing. I remember reading books like Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, the Diary of Anne Frank, and many stories of kids my age that had lived a nightmare they could not wake up from. I would inevitability learn that the world was not the place that I had imagined to be. Continue reading