Santa Margherita: Italian Daydream

DSC_0127I feel like I am in a dream that I don’t want to wake up from. If only time could stand still and I could savor this moment longer, but the passing time becomes my friend. It reminds me to live in the present and not take a second for granted. I hear the church’s bell ring at a distance and I wonder if I am going to wake up. With its colorful buildings overlooking the fishermen’s boats, this coastal town Santa Marguerita is everything I ever dreamed of and more.   Continue reading


Vinicunca: Rainbow Mountain


Machu Picchu is one of the most popular locations in Peru, leaving the Vinicunca mountains in the Andes a hidden treasure. However, in order to get a view of this geologic wonder, you must hike 17,000 feet. The journey to the top in nothing but beautifully diverse landscape that changes from snow capped peaks to red desert mountains. The different coloration that gives it the rainbow appearance is due to different environmental conditions and mineralogy. Continue reading

Peruvian legend of love, and sand dunes adventure

IMG_6324The wind echoed her cry and the desert was her only companion. Legend tells the story of a beautiful Inca princess who fell deeply in love with a soldier. When he left to war, she promised she would wait for him until his return. The mornings turned into nights and all she ever received was a notice that her love had died in battle. Heartbroken she cried in despair. Her tears rushed down her face ceaselessly falling into the sand, creating a lagoon. Continue reading

A Dance Celebration in Cusco


Walking around Cusco is like opening a door to the past, where the streets, ancient ruins, food, and the people, preserve tradition and tell its story tracing back to the Inca Empire and Spanish conquests. In the heart of the city is Plaza de Armas, the square that at one point was marked the center of the Incas, and it is still to this day, a focal place for cultural celebrations. I was fortunate to witness the colorful and lively dance festival. Continue reading

The Magic of Cusco, Peru


From the moment I laid eyes on Cusco from the plane, I knew that I had
arrived at a sacred land. I am not sure if the fact that I was traveling here with some of my best friends, to a place that I had dreamed of visiting for so long, incremented the magical experience. Nevertheless, I was certain that this ancient city held the fascinating rich culture I had learned about. Continue reading