Full Moon and Wild Horses – Ko Pha-Ngan, Thailand


Watching my feet sink in the sand, I allow my solute to comfort me as the sun begins to set in Ko Pha-Ngan. This Thai island brings thousands of people from around the world each year for it’s over the top full moon parties, but on this evening my stroll on the beach is not as festive. It is tranquil, and the only sound I hear is the crashing of the waves where the shore meets the sea.

The breeze makes me feel lighter and I allow it to lead me into the horizon. I continue walking along the shoreline. The sight of two horses galloping and roaming freely in the water captivates me. I look around and I cannot believe that there is nobody else to witness such beauty.

As I continue walking towards the horses, I realize that there is a woman in the water with them. I feel compelled to approach her and ask her about the beautiful animals. She tells me her name is Sabina and that she rescued the horses that were dying of starvation. It was so special to see the connection of this woman and her horses. It was like they understood each other, like the language of their hearts allowed them to communicate.

Sabina later tells me that she left her busy life behind in Sweden to live with her children on the island. She mentions that she doesn’t have all the comfort she had back home, but the life she has now is rich with meaning and peace.

Coming from a place, where the fast paced lifestyle can at times disconnect people from the world around, I can understand how a person like Sabina would unplug herself from that world to connect to her true self. As I continue walking along the shore, I realize that although for me it is only temporarily, this is how I connect to myself again, by breathing in new experiences and realizing that if I keep my eyes open there are so many lessons to learn.




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