Antibes: High Walls


Antibes is another beautiful city along the French Riviera. The old town remains intact with it’s arched walls protecting this city with so much history. Napoleon Bonaparte lived in Antibes, defending the coast. However, he later ended imprisoned in Fort Carré.

As I walked around the fortress I couldn’t help to be amazed by the strength of the walls. For centuries, it has endured storms, war and yet it still stands still. I think it’s ironic how sometimes walls that are build for protection from others end up locking one within. That’s when I think to myself, are we protecting ourselves or are we locking ourselves in?




6 thoughts on “Antibes: High Walls

  1. Oooh lovely! for my own reference, how far is this from Nice/Monaco? I’ve been to that part of the Riviera but not here. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!!


    • Hey, thank you for passing by, I’m glad you liked the post. Antibes is not far at all from Nice, it’s about 20 minutes by local train. I hope you get a chance to go next time you visit the area 🙂


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