Day Trip to Sanremo, Italy


Last weekend my host family and I made a day trip to Sanremo in Italy. With only an hour drive from France, we arrived to the charismatic city. We went grocery shopping for some fresh Italian food. Among the many things we got were truffle and olive oil, different kinds of pasta, risotto, mushroom, and some succulent tomatoes and fruits. The sight of so much food left us with quite an appetite.We went to a restaurant nearby called Agora Cafè. I ate a scrumptious Bruschetta while listening to a musician sing La Guantanamera. It still amazes me how glimpses of my Cuban roots remain so close while I’m so far away.

While the day could not get any better, we grabbed gelato and went for a stroll around the city. We managed to so some shopping in between and then headed back home.

E ‘stata una splendida giornata.

DSC_1102  DSC_1105 DSC_1106 DSC_1109


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