St. Peter’s Basilica: In a Quiet Room


Over centuries, so many great artists have contributed their talents into making the Vatican the treasure it is today.  The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, appeared as if the angels are revealing the heavens above.  I was perplexed at the precise details of art and design of the rooms.  Every year more than 4 million people visit the Vatican museums. People from different backgrounds, cultures, race, and beliefs, share the yearning of witnessing a piece of history, art, and faith.

In spite of the presence of so many tourists in St. Peter’s Basilica, I felt the air’s silent breeze and I began to walk away to a quiet place. I found a chapel that was only open for prayer and I decided to enter. The room was full of people, quiet in their petitions. The smell of incense penetrated my mind as it slowly soothed my thoughts.

It was not the fact that I was at St. Peter’s Basilica that contained the most impact, but the thought of coming together with others sharing a moment of peace, longing for a desire to connect to a Higher power.  Whichever one’s belief may be, it is in moments like these that we link our humanity with our faith. Not with our eyes, but with our hearts, felt with each palpitation.

DSC_0522DSC_0520 DSC_0528 DSC_0524IMG_6453.jpg


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