Memories from Seville


The city that gave birth to Flamenco dancing, stole my heart with its culture full of passion and exuberance. Spain’s largest city in Andalusia knows how to combine the contemporary and traditional, making its lifestyle like their festive celebrations, an experience to never forget.

Seville holds a dear place in my heart because it became my home in the summer of 2011. While I was studying abroad as a mass communication student, I had the opportunity to live with a wonderful family that took me in as their own. They ignited in me an urge to travel and explore the world around, to understand the differences in others and to look beyond the preconceived perceptions we create. It is in understanding these differences that we begin to understand ourselves.

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15 thoughts on “Memories from Seville

    • That’s wonderful. You will have a great time. If you’re up for some bar hopping and people watching, calle Betis, is the street to pass by. Puerto de Cuba has a great view of the Guadalquivir river and the gold tower. Enjoy!


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