Lucerne: A city of charm


Swiss army knives, exquisite Lindt chocolate, Movado, Swatch and Rolex watches, to name a few, have renowned Switzerland for quality and excellence. However, the richness of the country is not only measured by its impeccable taste in products, but the splendor of its cities.

Lucerne exemplifies all of the country’s greatness and exudes a charm of its own. The white swans dress river Reuss with grace while the Swiss Alps meet lake Lucerne with brilliance. Full of history and culture, the city is as clean as the fresh air.

At the center is the Chapel Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Europe dating back to 1330’s. The Lion Monument, which stands as a symbol of Switzerland, tells a sad yet beautiful story of patriotism and betrayal. (read more about it here) Cheese fondue and a Swiss folklore show can be found at a local restaurant, although yodeling can be heard coming from Mt. Pilatus. Those visiting the city may find that it is quite expensive which is a clear sign of Switzerland’s strong economy. Nevertheless, I’m certain that good deals can be found in restaurants and hotels. In the end, visiting Lucerne will leave an immense feeling of gladness that money cannot buy. It definitely did to me.

DSC_0349 DSC_0346 DSC_0350 DSC_0366


Bridge Chapel



Boat ride on Lake Lucerne

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