Florence: Creating a Masterpiece


Every masterpiece goes through a few stages before it is completed.  Although the vision may be clear, it is inevitable to go through a few drafts to create the final piece. It is the same in life. Even the greatest artists went through turmoil and tribulations before creating their picture perfect moments.

DSC_0608Stepping foot on the city that gave birth to the Renaissance and where many of the greatest a
rtists were influenced was truly an enlightening experience. I was completely awestruck by Michelangelo Buonarroti’s sculptures, especially The David. I imagined that such talent came naturally and with ease. However, I found that during that time, Michelangelo and Florence’s citizens struggled under the regime of the dictatorship of the ruling family, the Medici. Through these trials, Michelangelo was inspired to create the David as a sy
mbol of patriotism and faith.  The biblical figure represents the idea that it is not with physical force but spiritual strength that the giants (or problems) can be conquered.

What separates an outstanding artist from the rest is that they are not confined by common and ordinary ideas. They have the courage to take risks and do something nobody has ever done.  Challenges and difficulties only empower them to create an opportunity.

Therefore, let your problems and struggles become the fuel that lights the spark within to keep going. The harder it gets, the faster you go, but never stop.

DSC_0601 DSC_0600 DSC_0610


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