Beauty from Thorns


Taking photographs allows me to be aware of the present moment. I pay attention to details, the small wonders of nature that are often left unnoticed by the fast paced lifestyle and disconnection from the present. I have walked the same park for many years and I have not seen so much beauty as I have today.

Mindfulness and awareness of my surroundings enable me to come in this enchanted moment. The bird’s sweet melody sound familiar and I begin to understand its tune. It’s an invitation to explore.The cool breeze is welcoming. The trees stretch tall and proud. Like fingerprints, their unique physique are one of a kind.

As I’m ready to head back, the majestic Kapok tree mesmerizes me.  How did I pass by here every day and fail to recognize its presence?  The magnitude of the spikes filling every inch of the trunk and branches leave me in awe.  Its gray color and the absence of leaves give it a morbid look.

“What is it trying to protect itself from? Had it been hurt in the past that it was forced to create its own defense mechanism? Don’t we all? “I think to myself. The spines that we create within to keep away from those who can hurt us end up consuming us. All I can see is spikes. As I got closer and looked up above the branches I saw a bird’s nest. All around it were delicate light pink flowers that bloomed vividly. In spite of the spikes, this tree was able to support life and produce beauty from its flowers.

Can beauty bloom from thorns? Can happiness flourish from pain?

The answer was right in from of me. All of the sudden I could not see a grander nor more beautiful tree, a tree that in spite of it all refused to give up on beauty. It never lost hope. I too, was once that tree. The spines within me kept many away but Grace poured its rain and my soul was cleansed, ready to bloom again.

Sometimes I forget the pain because the scars are no longer there. This tree has its spikes for living proof of what it has become, stronger and beautiful in its own way. In the simple observation of it all, I have also realized the same for myself.




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